Distributor and supplier of optical supplies such as Lens, frames, accessories, contact lens care products, lens cleaning products.



We provide finished and semi-finished optical lenses such as Single Visions (Spherical, Cylinder, Toric), Bifocal (Round and Flat Tops), Index (1.50, 1.56, 1.61, 1.67), Material (CR39, MR7, MR8), Techonology and Coating (Photochromic, UV filter,HMC and SHMC (Super Hydrophobic) scratch, water and dust resistant,Shatter-proof)


Frames and Sunglasses

We provide wide range of optical frames, polaroid UV protected sunglasses.



We provide blue tape, cleaning cloth, nose pads/screws, hard/plastic cases and pouches, edging blocking pads, lens cleaning spray

Lens edging and frame fitting

Lens Edging and Frame Fitting

We edge, chamfer and fit lenses in the labs. We offer fitting/edging for Plastic, Shell, Metal, Nylon and Rimeless frame fitting.

Stock and Grind/Rx Lens

We can supply all kinds and types of ophthalmic lenses, including semi-finished and finished blanks. We also provide Rx and Freeform lenses. Our Lenses Range from Single Vision, Photochromic or Transition, Progressive or Multifocal for Kids and Adults, Polarized, Bifocal and PC.

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  • Materials and Indexes
    • 1.499
    • 1.56
    • 1.59
    • 1.60
    • 1.67
    • 1.74
  • Coating
    • ProAVENZ - Standard AR (Anti-Reflective) coating
    • ProAVENZ Blue - Comes with unique coating that neutralises the blue light emitted by electronic devices
    • ULTRActive - The most durable scratch-resistant protective coatings offered by ProAvenz Pty Ltd
  • Light Adaptive Lenses - (Transitional Lenses)
    • Benefits of Kromatic photochromic Lenses
      • Perfect sight in every lighting condition
      • Readly adapts under different climates
      • Darkens rapidly in +-25 Seconds
      • Reverts back to remarkable clarity when indoors in +- 5 Minutes
      • Blocks harmful UV rays

Stock Lens Range

Index UC (UnCoated - Tintable) HC (Hard Coat) HMC (Hard Multi Coat) SHMC (Super Hydrophobic Multi Coat)

Grind/Rx Lens

Single Vision
Mirror Coated

Contact Lens Care Products

Lens Cleaning

We supply all kinds of lens cleaning products


ProAvenz Pty Ltd

Wholesale distributor and supplier of optical supplies and services

ProAvenz Pty Ltd is an Australia-based company operating from Melbourne. We supply high quality lenses (stock and grind/rx) which can be used by optical grinding labs and provide wide variety of optical frames and accessories with market competitive rates.

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